CCWP Awards Program Booklet Advertising

CCWP Annual Muriel Petioni Award Program
Sunday, July 28th11:30 – 2:20 pm


Support the Council on the Concerns of Women Physicians (CCWP) Awards Program by advertising in the CCWP Awards Program Booklet distributed to all luncheon attendees. This highly visible booklet captures the luncheon programming and features the keynote speaker and award recipients and is a valued keepsake from the event. The CCWP Awards Program is one of the most well attended programs during the convention with 500-700 individuals in attendance. Your advertising message in the

Luncheon Booklet will be a keepsake for the attendees.



  • Offers print visibility of your product
  • Increase traffic to your booth or to your product site
  • Advertises during and after the convention



$1,200  Back cover

$1,000  Inside front cover

$1,000  Inside back cover

$   800  Full page color

$   500  Half page color

$   250  Business Card size


Deadline: June 28, 2019


Sponsor’s Involvement and Timeline:

Contributor must provide artwork in electronic format for NMA approval. Confirmations will include specifications and deadline dates.


Subject To Change: The National Medical Association reserves the right to revise any aspect of this sponsorship to keep the integrity and professional atmosphere of the meeting. Pricing is tentative and subject to change

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