• Tabletop Tent Card on Dining Hall Round Tables

    Event Details:  Estimated 40-50 tables to be placed in the Atrium where attendees will sit down to eat breakfast and lunch.


    • Sponsor may produce tent cards or flyers to be placed on each of the tables.
    • Exclusive Opportunity.

    Price: $2,500

    Opportunity available ONLY during CEU Miami, September 6-8, 2018

  • Support Sponsorship

    Benefits: See below grid

    Price: $1,500

  • Hotel Keycards


    • Production, shipping, and distribution to all attendees staying at the EBR/CEU – East headquarters hotel, Intercontinental Hotel Miami
    • Sponsor’s full color logo/artwork prominently displayed on the front of each hotel key card (EBR/CEU logo featured on back of card)
    • Exclusive Opportunity

    Price: $4,500

    Order due date with graphics from both sponsor and ES – August 7, 2018


  • Hotel Door Drops


    • Sponsor’s produced and shipped item distributed outside door of each attendee room at the headquarter hotel, Intercontinental Hotel Miami (production and shipping of door drop promotional piece responsibility of sponsor; item must be approved by the Endocrine Society)
    • Includes one hotel door drop piece on day of choice (sponsor may choose either early morning or early evening delivery on purchased day)
    • • Available options: Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, Thursday evening, Friday morning, Friday evening or Saturday morning (options available on a first come, first served basis)

    Price: $3,500



    • Estimated distro per package will be 160 - 270 items (one per room); pricing based on 270 rooms.
    • Shipment of drops must arrive to hotel between September 3-4, 2018.


    Room Block

    Please note: Typical pick-up is around 80-90% of the original room block.


Please contact Judy Brazel at 1.856.344.9040 or Scott Zeller at 1.856.302.0882 for any questions.

Endo 2018 Exhibit Sales & Management

c/o A. Fassano & Company