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The ASAE Foundation hosts several fun and educational events a year featuring fine wine, craft beer, and rare spirit tastings. These events build community and attract a wide variety of association executives, industry partners, and young professionals. One of these events is The Pour, which is held in conjunction with the Great Ideas Conference. Each event is designed to cater to the tastes of our top donors, many of whom are wine aficionados or beer enthusiasts, and all of whom have an interest in good food and a more intimate setting to connect with their peers before the start of the conference. These donors are among ASAE’s most influential and well-connected association professionals, volunteer leaders, board members, and suppliers.

Pours & Tasting Event Size: 30-250 people


    Event Size: 150-250 people


    The ASAE Foundation Pour is held the evening before the

    start of ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference.

    The Pour is designed to raise awareness about the ASAE

    Foundation and its ongoing research projects, to treat the

    foundation’s existing donors to an educational as well as

    entertaining event, and to cultivate new donors.


    Benefits include:

    • Logo on all event materials leading up to, and at, the event (invitations, mailings, confirmation card about event, literature about the event, etc.)
    • Logo at event in the form of GOBOs, on monitors/screens, printed on menus, etc.
    • Opportunity to greet guests at hotel before they board shuttle (if required) to party
    • Opportunity to loop promotional video on shuttles (if required) to and from the event
    • Opportunity to pass out wine glasses upon guest arrival at party
    • Opportunity to welcome guests and make short remarks at event
    • Opportunity to invite up to 10 guests to participate in event
    • Logo in prelim booklet and on ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference websie

    XDP: $7,500


    Benefits include:

    • Company logo on ASAE Foundation’s event specific supporters banner, recognition at Birdie Level
    • Company logo on signs welcoming guests to event
    • Electronic list of all participants with select contact information following event
    • Opportunity to welcome guest prior to program start
    • 10 client invitations and two industry partner registrations

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Warren Plank


ASAE Foundation Sales & Support | c/o A. Fassano & Company
461 Route 168, Unit A | Turnersville, NJ 08012

ASAE Foundation Sales & Support
c/o A. Fassano & Company
461 Route 168, Unit A | Turnersville, NJ 08012