2017 Aging in America Conference  |  c/o A. Fassano & Company  | 461 Route 168, Unit A | Turnersville, NJ 08012

Promotional & Specialty Items


Conference App | $5,500

ASA’s conference app is used by the majority of attendees and referred to multiple times throughout the conference. Your company logo will be featured on the splash screen, which is the first screen users see when launching the app. Our app sponsors are also invited to provide an organizational description and message to attendees, which is included as a dedicated content pane within the app, with links to additional information and resources.

Registration Badge Holders | $6,000

Your corporate name and logo will be printed on the front of the badge holder used by every attendee at the conference and will extend your company’s visibility at the AiA17 conference. Badges are required for access to conference sessions and the exhibit hall.

Conference Bag Tags | $5,500

Brightly colored luggage tags can help attendees identify their conference bags while at the conference and can be used after the conference for many years. Your company logo will be placed on 3,000+ luggage tags and distributed to all attendees.

Attendee Charging Lockers | $5,000

Attendees will know their electronic devices will be safe and secure when using this charging locker. They can simply plug in their device, lock the door and walk away. Each locker has its own universal charging cord. The charging locker will be located in the Exhibit Hall and moved to another highly visible area at the Hyatt when the Exhibit Hall is closed.

Exhibit Hall Aisle Floor Sign | $2,000 per set

Attendees rely on aisle signs to navigate the Exhibit Hall. Place your corporate or product logo prominently on aisle floor graphics located at the front and rear of every aisle throughout the Exhibit Hall.

ASA Bingo Card Advertising | $2,000 per day

The ASA Bingo Card lends itself to advertising opportunities! The back of the bingo card provides a unique advertising opportunity to promote your booth location, latest product unveiling or Product Theater presentation. Three different bingo cards will be produced – one for each day the Exhibit Hall is open. Each card will be designated to be used on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Bingo cards will be inserted into the attendees’ conference bag.

For more information, contact Kathleen Lawrence (856) 302-0893.


2017 Aging in America
2017 Aging in America