Job Titles and Roles of Plant Health Experts Who Attend

Make an important contribution to the science while affecting a distinct and positive impression upon APS members during the Annual Meeting.


APS members conduct important fundamental research that ultimately leads to the development of new products, equipment, methods, and services. They also work directly with the growers on the front lines of plant health management. Their work in research and applied plant pathology also influences the success of industry products and services. Network and develop relationships that will be crucial to your business for years to come.


Agricultural Chemists • Arborists • Bacteriologists • Biochemists • Botanists • Cell Biologists • Consultants • Diagnosticians • Ecologists • Entomologists • Epidemiologists • Extension Professionals • Farmers/Growers • Foresters • Greenhouse Growers • Group/Project Leaders • Horticulturists • IPM Specialists  • Microbiologists • Molecular Biologists • Mycologists • Nematologists • Pathologists • Physiologists • Plant Breeders • Private Practitioners • Soil Scientists • Students • Teachers • Tech Advisors/Reps • Technical Managers • Technicians • Viticulturists • Virologists

Questions? Contact:

Eric Otero at +1.856.302.0894

Debi Maines at +1.856.302.0890

2017APS Annual Meeting  |  c/o A. Fassano & Company  | 461 Route 168, Unit A | Turnersville, NJ 08012

APS Annual Meeting
APS Annual Meeting
APS Annual Meeting